"Black Magic Design has some of the most intutive and creative designers I have worked with. The team not only translates business requirements into great creative output, but also makes an effort to completely understand client requirements so that they can provide relevant additional inputs as well. I strongly recommend their work."

Aarti Ramakrishnan
Marketing Consultant

"Black Magic Design's approach to creative design is fresh and thinks out-of-the-box. Their deep understanding of the subject and firm conviction on their outputs are their assets. Their works have added lot of brand value for our projects."

B Swaminathan
President & CEO, Smart Expos

"Kartik and his team are dedicated professionals in the field of Web Site Design and creative works. They were highly responsive, in sync with our thought process and did a great job in designing Shriram Gateway SEZ website. I wish Black Magic Design all the very best!"

Deviprasad Rao
Development & Leasing Professional
Commercial Real Estate/IT Parks/SEZs

"Kartik is extremely creative and has come up with effective and elegant solutions to many of the problems related to creative output. His time management skills are very good. He and his team at Black Magic Design has hardly ever slipped in his commitments both in quantity and quality terms. His work has often resulted in him being given Awards of Excellence."

Eswaran Narasimhan
Consultant, NIIT Ltd.

"The one thing that comes to my mind when I think about my association with Black Magic Design is their amazingly creative and out-of-the-box ideas that they manage to churn out each and every time. They have a deep understanding of the business requirements, which enables them to provide relevant additional inputs as well. Kartik is a great business partner to work with, someone who can truly deliver amazing creative outputs."

Harosh Aravind
Marketing & Communication Professional

"We had an excellent experience with Black Magic Design who developed our website. As a startup, it was critical for us to have a partner who could understand our vision and translate that into action rapidly and in a cost effective manner. Black Magic Design did that very well. They were proactive, responsive and committed to supporting our new business. They are a pleasure to deal with and we highly recommend their services."

Poornima Nair
Founder MAHIKA, London

"Incredible!!!!! I have yet to come across a creative team that understands the brief so perfectly and delivers more than what we anticipate. The turn around time is the quickest I have yet to experience. Kartik has an uncanny ability of seeing beyond the obvious and conceptualizing the ideas in a unique way. Their lateral thinking and creative twists are what separates them from the others like wheat from chaff. By delving into details and understanding the company, the product, the people, they are able to imbibe the values and personify the work. They give life to the ideas. They make the ideas REAL. An absolute pleasure working with them and a MUST HAVE partner for any marketing professional!"

Rashmi Kwatra
Head, Marketing and Business Development, AMEA,
DSM Anti Infectives

"Black Magic Design has done a wide range of advertising work for us ... ads, web sites, Point of sale dispensers etc., In a short time, they have understood our product and business. Quality of work is terrific, done with minimum of fuss and on time! In fact, Kartik acts like brand owner and is a pleasure to work with. All the best!"

S Ganesh
Chairman & Managing Director
Altek Beissel Needles

"Kartik and his team at Black Magic Design have this uncanny ability to quickly understand, adapt and align to your tasks... their approach is direct and uncomplicated. Their knack to deliver beyond your expectations - spot-on - every single time is what sets them with a clear distinction of a true creative and communication experts. To be honest, I have been trying to associate with someone from the same domain but my benchmark has been Kartik... and no-one has remotely come close to this genius. I would strongly recommend his services for anyone who is looking for true value add and exceptional creative communication ideas."

Shajesh Menon
Chief Optimist, The Younion

"Kartik is undoubtedly THE BEST designer I have come across. He never ceases to surprise you by giving more than what you actually hoped for with his designs. Few attributes as to why I would recommend Kartik and Black Magic Design: 1) Understanding Client Requirements 2) Classy, stylish, elegant, clutter-free designs 3) Creative denius 4) Straight-forward and to-the-point attitude. 5) Attention to Detail. In short, Kartik is definitely the guy for your design requirements."

Shankar Jambulingam
Founder & CEO, Neverskip

"Black Magic Design re-defines creativity be it in marcom stuff or in formulating social media marketing strategies!"

Shivaraman V J
Senior Finance & Management Professional

"Black Magic Design understands the requirements of the client very well and comes up with the perfect design the first time. Be it an HTML, or branding elements, they are just superb. Kartik is one of the very few people i have met, who would just brutally say 'NO' to a job if he cannot deliver in the time. Basically he never bites off more than he can chew. I really appreciate this quality in him. Pressure is something you cannot use against him as a tool to get your job done. He is thoroughly professional in his approach and it gives me all the confidence in the world to work with him."

Sunil Naidu
Director & CEO, Deck Bubble Marketing Solutions