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How is our work different?
Simple. Our creatives break the clutter, catch attention, and draw organizations and brands of all sizes to try us.
What are we good at?
We Think Design. That's our forte. We put ourselves in the client's shoes, freeze the root business requirement, think through all aspects - business, design, communication and usability - in the appropriate context and arrive at an ideal solution. Gut, intuition and experience contribute as well.
Why are we preferred by top IT/technology companies?
We understand IT. And we are creative. This niche combination works in our favour and gives us the edge. We bring a solid understanding of the IT industry - technology domains, various target segments and their psyche. We know what kind of communication works and what doesn't. What would make a CXO take notice and what would excite a developer community.
So what are the creatives we can give you?
We typically work with marketing, marcom, HR and corporate communication teams within organizations. Apart from planning and ideation at the strategic level, we design and execute creatives that include branding elements, Direct Mailers, eDMs, brochures, posters, websites, microsites, flash movies, corporate movies and demos, e-Learning, stall designs, and software interface designs.
Do we also provide online marketing services?
Oh yes, we do! Keeping up with the ever-changing market dynamics, Black Magic Design™ offers digital marketing services such as keywords research, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content optimization, Social Media Marketing (SMM), support on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, setting up of blogs and forums, web advertisement management, and websites and online applications development.

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